How to Spot the Best Online Casinos

In order for a casino to be considered one of the best, there are a whole lot of criteria one must take into consideration first. And even that doesn’t necessarily mean a particular casino is ranked among the tops. After all, what one person deems important in assessing an online casino, another may not, and vice versa. You know what they say: To each his/her own.

Nonetheless there will certainly be numerous deciding factors common to the overwhelming majority of players. In fact this check list of things to look for when shopping for the best online casinos is even longer than you would probably expect. But for now, we’ll just focus on what we believe to be the most important qualities to look for.


Bonuses - Whether they are called Bonuses, Comps, VIP Points, or Special Promos, they all generally refer to the same thing; free cash! The best online casinos also tend to give away the most free money.
Deposit Methods - The leading gaming establishments will also reward players with either discounts or bonuses depending on which deposit method a guest uses to transfer funds into his or her casino account. These discounts/bonuses usually range between 10% and 15%.
Customer Support - No online casino is flawless and there may indeed be times when you will require personal assistance. The best online casinos guarantee customer service 24/7. Do settle for less. NOT!
Fun Factor - The best online casinos also provide the most gaming excitement. Unfortunately too many gamblers lose sight of the reason why they started gambling in the first place; fun! Folks, if gambling were first and foremost about making money, and not about having fun, it wouldn’t be called gaming; It would be called working. If you set out to have a pleasurable – or even a wildly exciting time – you simply can’t lose.
Game Selection is another important criterion if you’re the type who gets bored quickly playing the same games. The best online casinos feature anywhere from 60 to 150 games, which is more than enough.
Languages - English not your native speak? Fear not, the top gambling sites offer not only their games in multiple languages, but their Customer Support teams are becoming increasingly multilingual as well.
Payout Time - Winning a game or jackpot is one thing, collecting the prize money is another. The best online casinos pay their winners promptly.
Popularity/Reputation - Want to know how to spot the best online casinos? Just follow the crowds. If a casino is getting loads of action, there’s usually a logical reason.
Security & Privacy are paramount concerns. The best online gambling venues employ 128-bit encryption coding to safeguard their clients’ banking and personal information
Software Quality - the games at the leading gambling sites are supported by various software developers like Playtech, Microgaming, Real time Gaming and Random Logic, just to name a few.
User-Friendliness - this is pretty much self-explanatory. If the people at your online casino suck, you’re doing yourself a disservice. There are loads of sites out there where people will treat you with the utmost courtesy. Casino online