Strategy for Online and Live Poker Tournaments

Using strategy when playing poker is not a new concept to get your mind around. It is a well known fact that to win at poker a certain amount of strategy and skill is required; it is not just a simple game of luck. Poker tournaments are popular event for players however they are different from the regular games offered in online poker rooms .

Poker tournaments have some similarities to ring games and both of these require different strategic thought and actions. They are structured competitions, with poker players competing against each other.

Players are required to accumulate chips and can stop playing any time they like in a regular game, however in poker tournaments, they are not allowed to quit and cash in their chips, the play has to continue until there is a winner.

The different types of poker tournaments include “Elimination” also known as “freeze out” and this is the most common. Players all start with the same amount of chips and play until one winner has accumulated all the chips. However the payout structure rewards more than one player, with each higher ranked player receiving more than the other.

In “Rebuy” poker tournaments, this structure allows players who have lost all their chips to Rebuy more chips and continue to play for a certain period of time, usually about two hours. Rebuy tournaments generally feature more aggressive play. Players do not want to be eliminated and as a result of this the prize pools often increase to considerably more than they would normally be. Casino online